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Made in the far South, I studied Arts and Music at Uni, graduating from the Fine Arts Academy with a major in Sculpture. Then I studied Animation and worked for years as an illustrator, animation backgroud designer, and later as photographer too. Most of my work was dedicated to musicians and their albums, as you can see by clicking here.


I travelled the world and lived in different parts of Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia, and I am currently based the United Kingdom. Along the way, I have taken part in various group and solo exhibitions.

I find inspiration mostly in nature and its cycles; in the sublime, and the surreal. I have  always been deeply attracted to the mysteries of the night, and often I find myself observing my roommate, a tuxedo cat, and the garden that rises upon my window, to bring new ideas to the surface. The creative state is a meditation to me, and in my new series Profane Visions, I intend to bring these two together.

Self Portrait with Human
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