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Self-portrait w/ Bach's violin concert BWV-1041 // year 2009

Portfolio - Download PDF (6 mb)

Hi! My name is Sol, and I was born in a small city called Rosario, in  Argentina.

I started to draw and paint in a Youth Center when I was 4, and kept on studying Arts until I graduated from the Art School of the National University of Rosario.

Although Illustration & Design became my main career, the idea of spending the rest of my life doing one same thing forever just freaks me out, and I guess that's why my style shows a certain eclecticism and frequently adapts to different needs and techniques. 

I have lots of passions -most of them related to Arts-, but Travelling became the main one. I can't wait to see all the beautiful corners of this amazing world, and I was very lucky to travel to may different countries as a Photographer, although there are so many more on my pending list. Before that, I studied and worked in the Animation area in a few TV spots and as a Background Designer in three films; I wrote two children's books and one more for adults that comprehends many short fictions in eternal evolution; and finally, I devoted my time to music by learning, with a lot of effort, to play violin and sing. 

I have also been practising Yoga for about 17 years, which led me to become a Yoga teacher, something I love doing besides arts. Teaching involves a lot of creativity too and that makes me happy :-)

Thank you for stopping by and taking a peek at my work. Feel free to check out my photographs here. Have a great day... everyday!


In Hong Kong // Photo by Elkin Garzon
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