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Ok, let's start with the fact that I will not talk about me in third person, because it is only me the one who is writing this. :)


I was born a few centuries ago in Mars, but I guess I have suffered some kind of genes mutation so ever since I was a child, I had a tremendous curiosity for travelling. So, one day I was big enough to design my own flying device, and I then built it and started travelling around the Solar system. 


I happened to land in this curious planet called Earth, in which I am living right now trying to find out more about the secret life of cats. That is driving me kind of crazy, but I like it. since they are awesome cratures. And I like humans and many other species of animals aswell.


If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to write to me! You might catch

me whilst I am here.

My email address is this and you can find me on the social media on Facebook.


Have a great day... everyday!

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