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Self-portrait w/ Bach's violin concert BWV-1041 

Made in the far South. 

I studied Arts and Music at Uni. Graduated from the Fine Arts Academy with a major in Sculpture; studied Animation and worked for years as an illustrator, animation bg designer, and photographer. I work with traditional materials as well as digital media, often mixing both.

I travelled the world, lived in Argentina, Mexico, Indonesia and the United Kingdom, and on the way I took part in various group and solo exhibitions.

I am a serious Yoga and Meditation practitioner, and lately I have been trying to transfer the alter-reality states into my art, to explore new realms and try to involve the seer into a deeper state, by using loops in my paintings and elements like flowing water to soothe the mind.

I soon expect to start travelling again and find alternative ways of living to keep finding inspiration for my work.

Orca Sol
This is me in Alaska. Seriously. 
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